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Laser cutting machining sheet metal

In addition to the above-mentioned applications of laser cutting processing, some miniaturized plastic molds also use laser processing to stop carving and manufacturing, and laser carving, and the production quality is also quite high.According to th ...
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Comparison of various sheet metal stamping processes

Sheet metal processing In the planning of various types of mechanical and electrical and home appliance products, many of them use various metal materials with thickness t> 0.5 to 16 mm, and plate-shaped parts with disordered shapes. Because of it ...
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Introduction and method of brush wire drawing in sheet metal

1Brushing: It is a kind of abrasive belt grinding process. After the abrasive belt stops the grinding process on the metal surface, it removes the metal surface defects and forms a decorative surface with a certain roughness and uniform texture.2 Mod ...
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Precautions for sheet metal processing Aixi

1. The expansion method should be consistent, and it should be convenient to save data and processability.2. Reasonably select the gap and hemming method, T = 2.0 and 0.2, T = 2-3 and 0.5, and the hemming method uses long side and short side (door pa ...
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Analysis and Application of New Laser Technology in Sheet Metal Processing

Most of the sheet metal processing methods are shearing, bending and punching. Since these methods use molds in the process of adding gold to the hair, each time a product is consumed, there must be no fewer than dozens of sets of molds. This not onl ...
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What is sheet metal processing

Sheet metal parts are sheet metal hardware, that is, parts that can be processed by the wrist by stamping, bending, stretching, etc. A rough definition is: parts with constant thickness during processing. Corresponding to castings, forging , Machinin ...
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Sheet metal processing process

According to the difference in the sheet metal processing structure of sheet metal parts, the process flow can be different, but the total does not exceed the following points.Blanking: There are various blanking methods, mainly the following methods ...
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Analysis of sheet metal processing industry

The main raw materials of the sheet metal processing industry are non-ferrous metal alloy plates and thin steel products. The non-ferrous metal industry and steel industry account for about 40% of the total cost of the industry. In addition, the proc ...
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Sheet metal-material requirements

Sheet metal processing is used in automobile manufacturing and maintenance. The shape of many sheet metal structural parts is very complicated. In order to prevent the difficulty of sheet metal, sheet metal materials must have good process performanc ...
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custom steel stamping deep drawn sheet metal fabrication parts

Products DetailPlace of Origin:Guangdong, ChinaBrand Name:AIXIModel Number:ST005Surface treatment:Fine paintingCertificate:ISO 9001Material:SteelMicro Machining:YesAdvantage:Mature technologyWarranty:1 yearMaterial Capabilities:ABS,SS,aluminum,brass, ...
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