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Material selection for stamping and drawing dies is important

Stamping and drawing molds are very common in industrial production design. I believe everyone is familiar with them. In the process of color matching of stamping and drawing molds, first of all, we must clarify the application requirements of the pr ...
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Main Causes of Metal Tensile Die Strain

As one of the main stamping procedures, metal drawing die drawing is widely used. The stretching process of the metal stretching mold can be used to make various cylindrical, rectangular, stepped, spherical, tapered, parabolic, and other irregularly ...
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How to determine the gap of metal tensile mold

The gap of the metal drawing die refers to the gap between the edge of the metal drawing die and the edge of the metal drawing die. The effect of the blanking gap on the blanking force is that the smaller the gap, the compressive stress in the deform ...
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How to solve the surface defects of metal tensile molds

Hardware drawing molds are very common in the molding process, but during the production process, the appearance of the product is not complete, and there are some defects, such as scratches, indentations, etc. If these defects occur, can we solve th ...
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Mold manufacturers teach you how to solve product strain

The mold manufacturer believes that in the actual production process, product stretching is very common, but the design cycle of stamping and stretching mold is very long, because the design theory and the actual test mold will have a large gap, and ...
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Quality assurance for mold manufacturers

The quality requirements of mold manufacturers for molds are extremely high. The manufacturing process is good or bad during the mold making process. Nowadays, batch quality problems still occur. The number of inspection positions on the production l ...
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On-site management of mold manufacturers

The mold manufacturers have high requirements for product quality. Outflows of poor quality products are irresponsible for on-site management, and high-quality products are more than enough to earn repeat customers. Therefore, it is necessary to main ...
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About the maintenance of metal stretch mold

In order to ensure its service life, manufacturers generally perform a series of maintenance on the metal stretch mold in use. So what about the maintenance of the metal stretch mold? Let's find out together.The punch of the metal tensile mold is ...
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Problems that often occur in the process of stamping and drawing dies

The stamping and drawing mold is an indispensable tool for abrasive tool manufacturers. During the drawing process of the product, there will be some problems of different sizes, and some problems may even cause the product to be scrapped. The manufa ...
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How to choose the material of stamping and drawing die

There are many types of materials for stamping and drawing molds, and their performances are different. When selecting materials for working parts, different choices should be made according to the basic characteristics of the materials and the speci ...
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