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Aluminum Anodizing and Dyeing Technology

In order to improve the quality of aluminum parts and the dyeing and solidification, the fine pores of the oxide film layer must be closed after the coloring, and the surface becomes uniform and non-porous after the sealing treatment to form a dense ...
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Introduction to common methods of aluminum oxidation processing

In practical applications, oxidation treatment is often required for aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles. So, what are the methods for aluminum oxidation processing, do you know? This article will list four common aluminum oxidation processing metho ...
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Anodizing, chemical oxidation (passivation, chromization) and their differences

★ The concept of anodization: the process of forming an oxide film on aluminum products (anodes) under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions under the action of an applied current. If anodization is not specified, , Usually re ...
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Oxidation treatment-a brief description of hard anodizing and factors affecting the oxide film layer

Hard anodized films generally require a thickness of 25-150um. Most hard anodized films have a thickness of 50-80um and a hard anodized film with a film thickness of less than 25um. They are used for zero key applications such as tooth keys and spira ...
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Common sense of alumina

Summary: Alumina is usually called "aluminum oxide". It is a white powder, which is a covalent compound. It has a melting point of 2050 ° C, a boiling point of 3000 ° C, and a true density of 3.6g / cm3.It has good fluidity, is insoluble in ...
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Various characteristics and technical description of hard oxidation treatment

The formation mechanism of the hard oxide film is the same as that of ordinary sulfuric acid anodizing, but in order to obtain a thick and hard film layer, an electrolyte of about 0 degrees Celsius and a high voltage and high current method are requi ...
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Chemical polishing technology for aluminum products

First, mechanical polishing the surface of aluminum products:1. The mechanical polishing process is: rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, polishing, sand blasting, brushing or rolling, etc. Different procedures are appropriately adopted accordin ...
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Brief introduction of aluminum oxidation technology

There are six types of aluminum oxidation: natural oxidation, electrochemical oxidation, chemical oxidation, alkaline oxidation, acid oxidation, and anodic oxidation. It means the oxidation treatment method of aluminum and aluminum alloy.Chinese name ...
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Aluminum plating process

After the pretreatment preparations for electroplating on aluminum are completed, the process of electroplating on aluminum can be entered.Regardless of which pre-treatment method is used, the first step in electroplating after the pre-treatment is c ...
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What is the process of aluminum surface oxidation treatment

After the aluminum material is in contact with air and water, it is prone to rust, damage, etc. It is easy to be oxidized and damaged. In order to protect the aluminum material, it needs to be processed. What is the process of aluminum surface oxidat ...
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